Shane Warne: Cricket Legend and Poker Star

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What football is to Germans, cricket is to Australians: one of the most popular sports for young and old, equally on the field and in front of the television. In Australia, England, and many other countries of the former British Empire, cricket stars are amongst the most popular athletes of all. While the complicated cricket rules may be for some hard to comprehend, we can certainly appreciate the enthusiasm reserved for the best players among fans.

Shane Warne was one of them for a long time. In his home country and on the international cricket scene, the 39 year-old Australian has long been a legend. And even since leaving the playing field after fifteen successful years in 2007, he has still remained in the public eye.But now Warne has found a new passion - poker. He discovered his love for the game when traveling long hours with his team mates in the team bus. Soon, he had been so taken with its magic that he virtually had to be forced to get off the bus. Today, Las Vegas is one of his favorite travel destinations.

It comes as no surprise then, that he entered a partnership contract with in January 2008. Ever since, he has represented the casino and poker portal at international poker events, such as the World Series of Poker. In addition, the company supports his work for ill and marginalized children within the framework of his own charitable fund, the Shane Warne Foundation.

Warne does not find it astounding that he moved from professional sports into the world of gambling with such ease, "Poker and Cricket have quite a bit in common", he said in a newspaper interview. "Both games require endurance, patience and the ability to see through the opponents". He also said that he needed the thrill that both sports and poker offer. Despite the fact that he has been playing poker for several years and has had a few nice achievements on the way, Warne does not consider himself in any way a professional. That is why he has just one piece of advice for himself and the players on "Practice, practice, practice."

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