No Modifications Set For the 2010 WSOP Schedule

The 2010 WSOP schedule has been released, and this year is shaping up to be one of the best WSOP tournaments in history. There have been a few small changes in the schedule to include a few more $1,000 buy-in tournaments, as well as the addition of a $25,000 six handed poker tournament in late June, right before the Main Event.

Harrah’s has been working hard trying their best to improve the WSOP every year. This is always difficult as the WSOP is already a great event. In total, there will be 57 events this year which start in late May and culminate with the Main Event in early July. They made some changes to the schedule last year, and have continued the same for this year as well. They have moved a few events around, and have included more $1,000 and $10,000 buy-in tournaments. The reasoning behind this is simple – they want to give new players a chance to play, and they want to give experienced players the chance to win big money. As with every event the WSOP puts on, the level of skill is sure to be very high, and anyone who participates in one of these events will have stories to tell their friends and families for generations to come. While some people may not like the changes, one thing is certain – the 2010 WSOP is definitely going to be very interesting!

One of the main goals of the WSOP organisers was to try and take out some of the early luck that the WSOP events were notorious for. By increasing the starting chip stacks, there is more room for skill to take over in the early stages of these games and not eliminate skillful players. Also, the $50,000 HORSE event has been taken off the schedule, and has been replaced by a mysterious 'Player’s World Championship', set to take place on the May 28. Not much is known about this tournament yet, not even what form of poker will be played during the event, but it is sure to be exciting once more details emerge. There are many theories about why the HORSE event was taken off the schedule, but one thing is for sure – the replacement tournament will be great.

The final major change for the 2010 WSOP is the inclusion of a six handed poker tournament with a $25,000 buy-in. The event will be held on the June 30, and is sure to attract quite a large playing field. There is also speculation that this event will have the largest prize pool of any poker tournament outside of the Main Event. Due to the popularity of six max games online, this tournament is sure to draw many online players who are trying to win an entry online. Don’t be surprised if the satellite tournaments for this event fill up fast, as the timing of this event is sure to draw in many high rollers, poker pros, and amateurs alike!