City of Gold Slot Machine

Legends around the world have been taunting adventurers with the tales of the mesmerizing City of Gold for many ages, but now it has materialized as a reality - a new video slot machine that offers. These machine has 20 pay lines and that means you have exactly that many chances to win your own gold in the form of a real cash pay out.

The Free Games Feature gets triggered if you get 3 or more of the Archway Scatter symbols appearing at the same time. You know what makes the free games in City of Gold so exciting? The fact that when you are playing a free game anything you win will be tripled. If you get a Temple showing up, it can replace all of the other symbols except for the Archway Scatter. This is terrific in and of itself, but if you have one during a win as part of the winning pay line, then you will get double the prize pay out you would otherwise expect!

To top it all off, getting free games is as easy as finding 3 or more Archway Scatter lands. It really is that simple to win in City of Gold and unlike the legends, this video slot offering from is not only real, it's a real chance to win big money in an adventure style game with plenty of on screen excitement for you to indulge in. So if you are thinking about exploring your options in the world of video slots and you want to discover an amazing way to play then City of Gold is a must see! You can grab a great sign on bonus for and join the fun at the world's leading provider of online video slots today.