Are you in love with slots?

Many of us today are because they are the easiest way to win big money, so the best machines are going to get plenty of love. Doctor Love is one of the new options at and there is plenty to enjoy about this style of slots. This is a video slots game that is an instant classic with 20 pay lines so you have plenty of chances to be showered in cash. Every time Doctor Love, an original character, pops up, he can substitute for all the other symbols with the exception of the Love Meter Scatter so you will definitely learn to love seeing this character's face. The best part is, if you get 5 Doctor Love Substitute Symbols in a row, you will end up multiplying your bet by 5,000. That's right, if you had been placing only simple £1 bets and you got this combination, you would be the instant winner of a £5,000 cash out. That's an amazing amount to win on video slots!

Obviously, if you get 5 Love Meter Scatter symbols then you get 20 free games. That sounds great, right? Well, wait until you hear this: on the Doctor Love video slot machine, every time you're playing a free game your winnings are tripled. That's right, three times the pay out you would get normally. And getting free games is super easy with Doctor Love because at between 3 and 5 Love Meter Scatters earns you between 10 and 25 full free games. The best part is, even while you are in the midst of a free game you are eligible to win even more.

Clearly, this video slots game is exactly what the Doctor ordered. You're going to love once you try this slot. So head over soon to the leader in online video slots -!