Dolphin Reef slot machine

If you enjoy the tranquillity of all things aquatic, especially the playful fun that dolphins represent, then you really will want to give Dolphin Reef, a new video slots machine from, a spin. There are a total of 24 play lines on this slot machine and that means you have just as many chances to win big cash pay outs. If you see the Dolphin, then you will love learning that it is wild and appears only in reels 2 or 4. When it does this, the Dolphin can substitute for all other symbols. The other benefit of this position for the Dolphin means that you get a free game. If you see 5 Scatter Chest symbols come up then your bet will be multiplied by 100 which means that if you had placed only a £1 bet then you would end up winning £100 in a single spin!

Remember, that if you get a free game thanks to the Dolphin, reels 1, 3 and 5 get re-spun not just once, but 5 separate times. That is an amazing opportunity to hit those 5 Scatter Chest symbols more than once and bring home some real cash. So if you have been waiting to try out a new video slot machine online then wait no longer because Dolphin Reef is sure to make a huge splash at and you'll want to be among the first to win big from it. If you have yet to sign up so you can get started playing any of the amazing video slots that has to offer then you should grab a sign on bonus at head on in to join the fun at the world's top provider of online video slots.

Once you give Dolphin Reef a try, you'll see it's a terrific way to have a chance of winning the big cash pay outs is famous for.