Football aficionados are divided on the performances of Aaron Ramsdale the season. The England goalkeeper is expected to find a new Premier League club in the upcoming season.

Pundits across the UK are convinced that he's likely to make a move from The Gunners, after having been replaced by #1 David Raya as goalkeeper for Arsenal.

As an Arsenal goalkeeper, Aaron Ramsdale has enjoyed a stupendous run of form over the years. His goalkeeping abilities for Arsenal go back to 2021/2022 where he featured in 12 clean sheets, 0 saves, and 38 goals against Arsenal.

In 2022/2023, he featured in 14 clean sheets, 95 saves, and 42 goals against Arsenal. In 2023/2024, Aaron Ramsdale secured two clean sheets, nine saves, and five goals against Arsenal.

Ever since the end of the 2022/2023 Premier League season, talk of Aaron Ramsdale next club odds grew louder. A disappointing six starts this season all but sealed his fate as Arsenal's choice goalkeeper.

Now that David Raya has featured in 22 matches this season, Ramsdale may be looking to secure his place with another football team. It is clear that the England goalkeeper is dissatisfied with his current predicament and is eager to lock in a new contract with a Premier League team.

Aaron Ramsdale Next Club Betting Odds:

Club Qualitative Odds
Remain at Arsenal Very Likely
Chelsea Likely
Newcastle United Quite Likely
Wolverhampton Wanderers Unlikely
West Ham United Very Unlikely
Nottingham Forest Very Unlikely
Manchester United Highly Unlikely
AFC Bournemouth Highly Unlikely
Sheffield United Highly Unlikely

Earlier in 2024, there was talk of Aaron Ramsdale next club odds being pretty high with Arsenal. But it's possible that he will join Newcastle FC next season.

With just six starts to boot and a everything on the line, Arsenal will be looking stay ahead of the pack. They have performed extraordinarily well in the current Premier League season, catapulting to 1st place, ahead of Liverpool FC and Manchester City after 28 games.

Arsenal currently has 20 wins, four draws, and four losses, with 70 goals for the team, 24 goals against the team, and 64 points. They have won all of their last five games, and they displaced Liverpool from their perch as the current season moves into its final stretch.

Much of these achievements for Arsenal, particularly the low tally of goals-against, were achieved without Aaron Ramsdale - who was one of the substitutes at the time. This should be borne in mind when determining Aaron Ramsdale next club odds.

However, Aaron Ramsdale was instrumental in Arsenal's massive 2-1 victory over Brentford, moving the Gunners into first place on the Premier League table. It was a rare Premier League start for Ramsdale but one that Arsenal was proud of.

Indeed, Mikel Arteta was chuffed with his goalkeeper, stating that he was happy because he performed exactly as he was, meaning that he is a person with a massive personality and lots of courage and determination.

The decision to replace Ramsdale with another goalkeeper last season flies in the face of Mikel Arteta's satisfaction with him against Brentford.

His statistics last season were equally impressive, with 14 clean sheets and conceding just 44 goals in 38 games. Yet, that didn't dissuade him from seeking the skill set of Spanish soccer ace David Raya as the number one goalkeeper for Arsenal FC.

Regardless, Ramsdale has terrific shot-stopping capabilities in the nets. He is an asset to Arsenal, he's young, and he has room for growth. A notable weakness in his skill set is playing out from the back.

Since Arsenal requires a keeper with specific abilities, Raya got the nod ahead of him. For now, it's a three horse race at the front of the pack and Arsenal will be looking to drill deep to win this challenge.

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