One of the most overlooked aspects of a Las Vegas casino is security. Casino players routinely engage in the business of their pleasures with scant attention focused on the security details.

Industry insiders attest to a robust community-based information dissemination system and real-time communications. Artificial intelligence is being employed significantly to assist Vegas casinos in this regard.

Las Vegas casino security systems are multi-tiered. They encompass a multitude of sector-focused security operations, with myriad surveillance systems, alarms, tracking, monitoring, human personnel, casino gaming security systems, safes and vaults, cashier cage protection, etc.

One of the biggest umbrella companies managing operations across Las Vegas is Caesars Entertainment, which operates the iconic mega casinos that pepper the length and breadth of the Las Vegas strip.

The ground-up security systems include a fusion-style Security Intelligence Centre, an Emergency Operation Centre, a Global Security Operation Centre, and a Security Dispatch Centre tasked with threats on property.

Importantly, the casino floor operations must be monitored at all times. This falls under the purview of the Gaming Surveillance teams. They safeguard the integrity of operations for slot machine games, card games, table games, roulette, craps, and others.

Command & Control Security Systems At Las Vegas Casinos

  • K9 Security - the canine security systems are geared towards detecting explosives and deterrence of criminal activity

  • SRT Systems – special response teams are operational security units that patrol high-traffic areas of the casino in various locations

  • Video Surveillance – video surveillance systems are pervasive throughout Las Vegas casinos, with experienced personnel actively monitoring all live security feeds in the dispatch centre. Gaming surveillance monitors activities on the floor with slot games, table games, card games, and sports betting.

  • License Plate Recognition - this technology can be used on any vehicle vis-a-vis the commission of felonies, stolen vehicles, or wanted individuals on casino property.

Most everything that takes place inside casinos is monitored and recorded. Thousands of HD cameras feed the surveillance rooms throughout the casino. Security is sacrosanct for many different reasons, notably the integrity of operations.

Card sharks, scammers, criminals, corrupt personnel at the casino, pickpockets and others must be monitored every second of every minute of every hour of every day. Indeed, casinos generate profits through gambling activity and all activity must be monitored.

Pilfering plunders profits, so security surveillance rooms typically feature dozens of screens and highly trained personnel to monitor hundreds of thousands of square feet of casino space.

Scores of VCRs digitally record all activities at the casino, ensuring all actions are captured on camera. Most often, these surveillance teams are looking for peculiar behaviour.

Beyond the basics, security systems focus on the action at the blackjack tables, baccarat tables, poker tables, roulette tables, etc.

The eye in the sky can zoom into the minutia, reading cards at the tables, chips in hand, or facial expressions. The security is designed with one thing in mind: clean play.

Sometimes, security systems are used for preventive purposes – to warn players that pickpockets may target their open purses or players who attempt to use tools or resources to cheat slot machines.

Indeed, everything is monitored, and nothing is left to chance. Even the high-value casino chips feature microchips inside to authenticate any payouts made.

Casino App Security

It was recently announced that the world's biggest casino was transmitting private customer data to an unsecured database. The app from the casino was a complimentary value-added service for an Oklahoma-based casino – featuring the biggest square footage in the world.

A security researcher discovered the security flaw, leading to an exposed email server on Azure. The server belonged to the US government in 2023. The company overseeing the app security disputed allegations of impropriety, stating that all the info was publicly available.

Many Las Vegas casinos, like MGM International, feature apps for check-ins, reservations, entertainment options, and gaming club cards.

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